Programs and Services

Our exceptional programs and extraordinary services are made possible by the generous support of our donors.  As we’ve explained, these benefits that have such a profound impact on patients and their families are not typically provided by Medicare and other insurances and would not otherwise be available during these important moments. In the following chart, we have attempted to illustrate the differences with a quick reference for you.

Services funded by the hospice insurance benefit:

Hospice Benefits Covered by Medicare, Medi-Cal and most private insurance companies include:

  • Medications
  • Supplies and Equipment related to the Hospice Diagnosis
  • An Interdisciplinary Team, which is comprised of:
    • A team of Doctors
    • Nurses
    • Social Workers
    • Certified Hospice Aides
    • Clergy
    • Volunteers
  • A registered nurse with physician support on call 24 hours per day, seven days a week

This team develops a detailed Plan of Care individualized for each Hospice patient based on the specific needs and desires of each patient and family.

Benefits funded by donations to the Foundation:

Unique and special programs and services, not covered by insurance, created to enhance the hospice journey for patients include: