Day of Respite

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Caring for a loved one can be a rewarding, yet exhausting and stressful experience.  The Day of Respite provides a unique opportunity for caregivers to take a break, relax, recharge and connect with others who are also caring for their loved ones.  Caregivers who have experienced this special day tell us they feel pampered and appreciated as they have been treated by hospice staff and volunteers to things like massage, aromatherapy and healing touch.  During this time devoted to these special individuals who have been giving so much of themselves to care for their loved ones, they are also given the gift of time to share with one another and the hospice staff about their caregiving experience.    

Your support of the Day of Respite, funded by the LightBridge Hospice Community Foundation will help give family members and others the ability to return to their caregiving role refreshed and renewed – ready to continuing making meaningful moments and everlasting memories.

“It was so lovely of you to go to such lengths to pick up my wife and get her to the day of respite.  We just flat out ended up without a car.  I was so excited that on my wife’s behalf, and she herself too, about the opportunity.  Then it all started to fall flat given the distance and the vehicle logistics that had then surfaced.  But once again, LightBridge came to the rescue.  I was really bowled away when I heard that you had dispatched a person (to pick up my wife) and made it possible for her to attend day of respite.  She relayed so much of the value of what she saw coming forth from LightBridge on behalf of caregivers, the mainstays in so many situations.  Thank you for this program (the day of respite) and for your concern for my wife.”