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Our Mission

Creating meaningful moments and everlasting memories

At LightBridge Hospice Community Foundation our passion is funding exceptional programs that enhance the end of life journey for patients and their families throughout San Diego.

The LightBridge Hospice Community Foundation is committed to enhancing the lives of seriously ill patients and their families throughout San Diego County.  Innovative and therapeutic programs such as fulfilling end of life wishes, honoring veterans, integrative therapies and providing special moments for patients with dementia not only ease suffering and increase comfort but encourage patients and families to engage in positive ways.  When combined with the compassionate care of hospice and palliative care experts, these programs truly enhance quality of life for those in need. LightBridge Hospice Community Foundation programs are made possible by the generous support of our donors.


The LightBridge Hospice Community Foundation was established in 2005 to provide for seriously ill patients and their families, supportive and therapeutic interventions that would not have otherwise been available to them. 

The Alma G. Wise Integrative Therapy Fund was created in loving memory of Alma Wise, who was one of the first Healing Touch practitioners in the United States and served as a hospice volunteer for over twenty years.  The fund established in her honor supports a variety of non-medical, therapeutic programs (known as integrative therapies) designed to speak to the heart, embrace the soul and ease the stress often associated with the hospice an/or palliative journey.  In addition to funding needed supplies and materials, donations to this fund support special training for staff and volunteers in these unique healing arts.

The  Norma Sluizer Music Therapy Fund was established in memory of Norma, who joyfully filled lives with her music and song. We celebrate her life by spreading her love for music that brings joy and peace to hospice and palliative patients and their loved ones.  This special fund allows donors the opportunity to invest in the Supportive Music program which provides patients with therapeutic music activities such as live performances, access to a library of digital music, personal MP3 players and seasonal/holiday performances.  The Norma Sluizer Music Therapy Fund also supports our flagship music program for people living with dementia.  

Simple Gifts exists to fund end-of-life wishes and unfulfilled dreams.  There are times when an end-of-life experience can profoundly affect individuals and their family.  It is often something small – the feel of warm sand underfoot; to see the ocean one more time or the chance to go out for a special meal. It may be something quite powerful such as spending time with family or loved ones who have been separated by distance for many years. So often people miss out on this last visit because they simply can’t afford it, the travel is complicated or the distance too great. With Simple Gifts we are able to help overcome these barriers.  Since the first request in 2005, the Simple Gifts program has fulfilled hundreds of wishes.

The Jewish Hospice Fund is a dedicated fund created to support care and services rooted in an understanding and appreciation of Judaism and Jewish life by professionals who have been educated in the religious traditions and culture of Judaism and the Jewish people.  The Fund underwrites educational programs for professionals to familiarize them with the unique needs and concerns of Jewish patients and their families so they appreciate and are sensitive to the diversity of Jewish expression within the Jewish community.  Donations support special programs for Jewish hospice and palliative patients as well as fund hospice care for those who otherwise have no means or insurance coverage.