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We Honor Veterans

Acknowledging Our Brave Men and Women

Heartfelt, touching ceremonies designed to uniquely honor veterans receiving palliative and hospice care. 

Many veterans were never recognized or thanked for their service and sacrifice; this ceremony is often the first time they have ever experienced a proper tribute for their brave service to our country.  It is frequently conducted in the presence of family, friends, and other loved ones and provides an opportunity for veterans to share their military experiences and stories, often for the first time. 

Honorees are particularly touched by the retired or active duty and reserve military servicemen and women who volunteer their time to present the pins and certificates included with each ceremony.  It is our privilege to offer these ceremonies made possible by generous donations from Foundation supporters. 

“It was so memorable to have had the honor ceremony for Grandfather. It is going to be forever a moment that taught me so much in such a short period of time. I will always look back on that as a very special occasion that I will forever keep locked in my heart as a touching occasion.”

– Grandson of WWII Veteran