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Simple Gifts

Fulfilling end-of-life wishes

Simple Gifts is a special program that helps fulfill needs and grant end-of-life wishes.

Simple Gifts was created to fund end-of-life wishes and unfulfilled dreams. There are times when an end-of-life experience can profoundly affect an individual and their family.  It is often something small – the feel of warm sand underfoot; to see the ocean one more time or the chance to go out for a special meal. It may be something quite powerful such as spending time with family or loved ones who have been separated by distance for many years. So often people miss out on this last visit because they simply can’t afford it, the travel is complicated or the distance too great. With Simple Gifts we are able to help overcome these barriers.  Here are some stories of Simple Gifts recently made possible through the generosity of our donors:

A patient, because of her illness, was no longer able to get out and enjoy the favorite meal she and her daughter had shared weekly for many years.  The Simple Gift making a delightful difference in their day was bringing them that favorite meal.  After enjoying it with their nurse who brought it from their favorite restaurant, this patient said it was the best chocolate shake she’d ever had and she would remember it for the rest of her life!

A patient was provided airfare for his daughter to come to his wedding.  The patient had not seen his daughter in many years and only recently been reunited with her.  The daughter lives in Chicago and did not have the means to visit her father or to attend the wedding.  The wedding was on Father’s Day.  Both the patient and his daughter were overwhelmed with thankfulness for the gift provided through Simple Gifts.

Whether it is a patient, family member, loved one or caregiver asking for help, we want to fulfill these important wishes whenever possible. Your generous gifts to the Foundation can make more dreams like these a reality.